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Culinária / 16/11/2020


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Rich in flavors and textures, Thai food has conquered the whole world and is, without a doubt, one of the great experiences of visiting the country. For us, it is full of exotic flavors and spices that mix sweet, salty, acidic and spicy, all in the same mouthful. See now a ion of some of the most popular dishes of this gastronomy, to help you know what to order in the country and not fall into the temptation to be alone in fast food. Enjoy your food!

Guay Jub

This soup based on rice noodles, tofu, pork and boiled eggs is one of the many legacies of the Chinese presence in Thailand. The traditional version is served with pork gut and other kids, but it is easy to find those who prepare it without these delicacies. It is served in light and dark versions. The first is smoother, the second takes more spice.

Som tam - Papaya salad

This is one of the most popular salads in Thailand, served in general as an accompaniment to main dishes. It is originally the northeast of the country and its main ingredient is green papaya, mixed with other vegetables, such as tomatoes and green beans. It is seasoned to provide a mixture of flavors: the spicy of chilli, the sweet of sugar, the salty of fish sauce and the acid of lemon or tamarind juice.

Pad Thai

The most famous dish in Thai cuisine could not be left out. Pad Thai is every, in street stalls and renowned restaurants. Therefore, there are a multitude of preparation methods that add innovations, but the base remains: sautéed noddles with soy, some meat, shrimp, tofu or vegetables. It is also common to add peanuts. Hot sauces are added to the customer's taste - you can play without fear.

Satay - Pork skewer with peanut sauce

The pork skewer marinated with turmeric and coconut milk and accompanied with peanut sauce is one of the most popular appetizers in the country, perfect for that snack between meals or to accompany a beer.

Tom Kha Gai - Chicken soup with coconut milk

Tom Kha Gai is a chicken and coconut milk soup, flavored with galangal - a root of the ginger family - lemon grass and kaffir lime, in addition to tomatoes and mushrooms. The mixture of ingredients creates a contrast between the acid flavor of the spices and the creaminess of coconut milk.

Tom Yum Kung - Spicy shrimp soup and coconut milk

Thai food is rich in soups, but it holds a special place in the hearts of locals. It takes chicken, lime, mushrooms, garlic, soy and a very wide range of spices and spices that generate the mixture of flavors that make this gastronomy famous: spicy, sweet, salty, acid. It is considered by many to be the most tasty and representative dish in the country. In restaurants, it is usually served with a small stove so that it does not get cold.

Panaeng Muú - Meat with red curry

It is a red curry dish that can be prepared with pork, lamb, chicken or seafood. Coconut milk adds a creamy touch and kaffir limes a refreshing flavor. If you have problems with curry, even so I advise you to try it: the curry Thailand is much softer than the curry India, which is what we have the most contact with, in general. Go without fear.

Gaeng Kiew Wan - Meat with green curry

Similar to Paenaeng Muú in its form of preparation, but here green curry is used and, in general, it is served with fish meat. It is usually accompanied by rice or noodles.

Curry Massaman

Another curry dish prepared with meats, usually lamb or chicken, but you can also find duck and pork. It is one of the most popular currys in the country and is served with white rice and a salad of cucumber, chilli and onion, seasoned with vinegar and sugar.

Mango Sticky Rice

Time for dessert? Mango Sticky Rice is a big favorite. Half a very ripe and sweet mango served with rice pudding prepared in coconut milk. It's delicious.

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