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Culinária / 18/05/2021


Really typical Colombian foods

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Really typical Colombian foods

Colombian cuisine is becoming more and more prominent, with Bogotá restaurants among the best in Latin America and many typical street foods that are popular around the world.


A soup with everything inside, a style of dish typically South America. In the Colombian version, the most common recipe is corn, chicken, capers and different types of potatoes. Everything very well cooked.

2. Coconut rice

In Colombia, a typical coastal dish is “rice with coconut”, very popular in the Caribbean region. Made with natural coconut milk, it is usually served inside the gourd of the coconut itself, accompanied by other delicacies such as patacones.

3. Patacones

Fried pieces of plantain very, very crunchy. This is the base of the patacón, a typical and simple Colombian dish, which can be served like this, pure, or with chicken pates, guacamole, vinaigrette, or whatever you want.

4. Paisa tray

Starvation dish created in Medellín, the city of Pablo Escobar. It can be found in restaurants across Colombia. The most common composition of the dish is the one in the photo: arepas, patacones, black pudding (the black sausage, coagulated blood and spices), sausage, rice, crackling, ground beef, beans and a piece of avocado. It is usually an inexpensive dish that feeds two to three people.

5. Lechona Tolimense

A slow roasted roast, in a process that takes about 10 hours. It is filled with rice, onions and many spices. It is a typical Colombian food the city of Tolima, east of Bogotá. To accompany, nothing better than the classic arepas.

6. Colombian Arepa

A type of pasta very common in Venezuela, Panama and Colombia. The Colombian version has the face of tortilla, corn dough or white hominy and must be fried. It is eaten at any time of day in Colombia, stuffed to taste with foods such as chicken and shredded meat.

7. Ají

In doubt what will accompany your patacones, your arepas, your fish or any other typical Colombian food? The tip is to season everything with “ají”, a kind of Colombian version of our vinaigrette. It takes ingredients like coriander, habanero pepper, tomato and lemon. Very spicy!

8. Colombian Empanadas

In Bogotá and other major cities in Colombia, it is common to find empanadas on restaurant menus. They are usually offered as an entry. Unlike large Chilean empanadas and Argentine empanadas, in Colombia they are fried. The size is average and the most common fillings are cheese and “mechado meat”, which is shredded meat. The one in the photo I ate at the Chibchombia restaurant, in the La Macarena neighborhood, the gastronomic center of the Colombian capital.

9. Frijoles Rancheros

It is the Colombian feijoada. It was the best thing I ate in Bogotá. Served in a black clay bowl, the ball beans are cooked with ground beef, sausage, straw potatoes and bananas. To accompany, rice, avocado and arepas. The one in the photo I ate at the restaurant La Puerta de La Catedral, in Bogotá, in the neighborhood of La Candelaria.

10. Almojábana

Colombian cheese bread, in general, tastes milder than that of a relative Minas Gerais. It's more like bread than cheese. Still, it is tasty and can be found mainly in the center of large cities. It's street food par excellence. In the Cali region, it is called Pan de Buono.

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