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Manifestações Artísticas / 08/05/2021


Ten Bolivian Movies Directed By Women You Can Watch Online

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Ten Bolivian Movies Directed By Women You Can Watch Online

Filmaker Maria Galindo

1 - Nana (2016) - Luciana Decker

Hilaria has lived and worked in Luciana's house as a maid for forty years. Luciana films Hilaria in a permanent dialogue between the two of them and the camera. An essential documentary in Bolivian film production in recent years. With an almost testimonial tone, the film portrays the social and cultural tensions of a country that sometimes refuses to accept its diversity and complexity.

2 - The malcogido (2017) - Denisse Arancibia

A musical comedy directed, starring and written by Denisse Arancibia, which to the rhythm of Argentine rock tells the story of an overweight young woman who, in the words of the director, “is not the funny fat woman best friend of the protagonist, but rather the protagonist himself, imperfect, desirable and irreverent »and who goes after his first orgasm.

3 - Sealed Cargo (2015) - Julia Vargas Weise

A mysterious load of supposedly toxic minerals appears in the Andean plain alerting the population. The government entrusts an ambitious police captain with the secret mission of getting rid of them, then disregarding his fate. Led by a group of policemen and an anarchist machinist, the routine tour turns into a wandering and tragic journey.

4 - In the murmur of the wind (2018) - Nina Wara Carrasco

The fantastic stories narrated by Nina's father, the director, about the music of northern Potosí in Bolivia will take her back to Llallaguita, her idyllic childhood place, to explore the elements that make up the mysticism of ritual in this area. She will face the uneasiness of time, uprooting and foreignness. On the journey to nostalgia, she discovers that music is a balm and a link with nature and the sacred.

5 - The Black King (2017) - Paola Gosálvez

Julio Pinedo, a black peasant, who was born and raised in Bolivia, is the legitimate descendant of a monarch an African tribe. Despite being the only recognized monarch descendant in Latin America, he is not the king that many might conceive. Without a palace or royal costume, he walks taciturn in his simple country life. However, a new personal concern now motivates the whole family.

6 - A band Oruro (2016) - Soledad Domínguez

In Una banda de Oruro you will be lucky enough to accompany the Continental 100% Oruro on such an intimate journey that you will never see a bronze with the same eyes as before.

7 - In the red room (2005) - Silvia Rivera

This short film directed by the sociologist and academic Silvia Rivera is her first audiovisual work. Which she herself defines as a metaphor about male identity in the middle of an explosive carnival entrance.

8 - Mining women and organization (1986) - Beatriz Palacios and Liliana de la Quintana

This short film is a memory of women workers in mining towns just before the relocation process. Unfortunately, we could only find this version of this short, essential to understand the work and legacy of Beatriz Palacios in the Ukamau Group.

9 - 13 hours of rebellion - María Galindo

It is a work that wants to give an account of something that is happening and that is being made invisible by all the institutions of society: women of different ages and origins are in a state of rebellion. We are waging an invisible rebellion on a large scale: we are changing the structures of families, the budgets of motherhood, happiness and our own bodies.

10 - The tune of the wind (2019) - Ivette Paz Soldán

On his first trip to the city, Panchito, a peasant boy, gets lost in a fair in El Alto (Bolivia). Despite his and his father's best efforts, he ends up in an orphanage. During the school civic hour, in which the more than one hundred years in which Bolivia lost the exit to the sea against Chile are remembered, he meets Pedro, a Chilean boy who lost his parents in Antofagasta, Chile.

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